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Q&A Runde Montag 01.Juli.2013 22.42
vom 1.Juli 2013 - what about Bionatops, Mantisaur.....

1. How many Fighting Foe Men have there been? And if more than three, can you name them?
- It is an entire clan of pirates. We'll leave it to future Mattel writers and toy makers to explore this faction and their adventures in full!

2. If MotUC continues to be a success, would you ever consider a beast/figure 2-pack? The dark riders from the She-Ra cartoon come to mind. They'd share a lot of tooling, are army builders and would be a hell of a figure sitting on their horses...
- Anything is possible, but at this point with rising prices and material costs we are putting all of our efforts into finishing the essential characters by the end of 2015 - pending we get enough sub holders each year.

3. Not only did Octavia weild four swords at a time, she also had some lightsabers to fight Sea Hawk. If you ever get to Huntara (who also had those light sabers) would you consider making them compatible with Octavia's tentacles and put them into the next weapons pak?
- Anything is possible, but we don't have plans for a Huntara figure to announce right now. Cool idea however!

4. Not saying any of These is coming, but how would you rank the priority of the following five beasts for MotUC?
a) Bionatops
b) Mantisaur
c) Clawdeen
d) Crystal Sundancer
e) Battle Lion
- These are all beasts we would love to get to, a lot may come down to tooling. For example, Bionatops is a fully tool'd beast where Clawdeen or Battle Lion only needs some new parts. We only have a few limited slots for fully tool'd figures each year, which includes beasts, so we have to review all candidates, both basic and deluxe for who will get a fully tool'd slot. For example, is Bionatops or Mantisaur, both fully tool'd more of a priority for fans over fully tool'd figures like Horde Troopers or Gwildor?

5. The Mini Masters voucher sale sold out immediately. If the set continues to sell this fast, can we expect more of them down the line?
- We are excited to see how it performs at the show before looking into any future plans!

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