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Q&A Runde vom 17.6.2013Montag 17.Juni.2013 18.02 fragt - Mattel antwortet

1. There is an interesting discussion going on in a German forum. Some people consider putting Mer-Man into their aquarium and are wondering if any substances in the plastic could do damage to their fish. Can you give us any insight if this is harmless. What about figures like Stinkor, who has patchouli oil in his plastic?
- Mattel does not recommend displaying your MOTUC figures in a live fish tank

2. Fans have voted for the colour of Swift Wind, Granamyr and Man-E-Faces, as well as if Panthor should have been flocked. Can we expect a new poll for this year's SDCC?
- Yes. This year we will let fan's at the panel actually pick one of two figures to be in the line.

3. The Wind Raider is still available and after all you told us there is not a great chance of seeing more vehicles in Classics. But the 4Horsemen made a prototype for the Battle Ram just for fun. Would you consider using this prototype and try a pre-order like you did with Castle Grayskull? There would absolutely be no risk for you. The design is there and doesn't need to be paid for, if you don't hit the minimum- just don't make it.
- While we would love to, right now we are putting all of our limited resources into (ideally) finishing the vintage line and A list characters from other media by 2015 (assuming we get enough sub holders each year to make 2014 and 2015 happen). While a preorder would "guarantee" customers, the amount of design resources it takes is just too much for a vehicle, especially when it took over a year and half for the Windraider to sell out. Had the WR sold out a bit faster we might be able to consider this. Fans really do speak and vote with their purchase and we just did not move enough units of the WR quickly enough and at full price to justify any more vehicles at this time (even if the sculpting is done, sculpting is logistically one of the easiest parts of the process and doesn't really affect schedule or resources as much as tooling and design/engineering work/man hours).

4. How did the Snake Mountain stands sell?
- It did very well.

5.Last time you misread this question, so we'd like to ask it again: Would it be possible to have MotU vehicles in miniature form as Hot Wheels? It would be awesome to Display a mini Talon Fighter, mini Roton and mini Attack Track with our Fighting Foe Men!
- That would be cool but this would be a question for the Hot Wheels team over at or

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