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Q&A Oktober 2012Samstag 27.Oktober.2012 13.50 fragt - Mattel antwortet

1. After the fast sell-out of the Snakemen 2-pack could you imagine going back into production on this set and just change the colour scheme of the two figures? This would make an awesome out-of-sub item to help get some more tooling dollars in and would surely sell well, just don't produce as many as the first set!
- Definitely not. We tried going back into production and doing second runs and the only figure that came even close to selling well was He-Man. While there are many fans online asking for this, the reality of it is the actual customer base is just not there. A few people asking over and over online does not wind up actualizing into sales that justify production.

2. You tried to save on costs by using black plastic, but that kind of backfired. Now the figures are pressed very tight into their packaging. Could you imagine reducing the rubber bands or simply just quit them? In the past they sometimes even did damage to some figures (first Grayskul . It would save at least a little bit and every dollar saved is good for the line, is it?  
- We are always looking into new ways to improve figures.

3. You told us that Castle Grayskull will be 200$, maybe a little bit more. Can you tell us also something about shipping costs, so international customers can calculate how much it will cost after taxes in the end? (Frage wurde bereits Ende September gestellt, daher nicht aktuel
- No, we do not have this info right now. But assume it will be a very big box and shipping will be significant.

4. Fans have spoken a lot about what they want and we finally are getting the 200x Keldor swords and MAA arm cannon. But what about including 200x heads? Are they still off the table?
- The weapons you are referring to are 200X weapons but "Classicized". When you classicize He-Man's 200X head you get the current He-Man head! So we already did this.

5. A question for Terry Higuchi: Do you have an idea, what Cy-Chop's head looked like before his "accident" and if so, will you convince Scott to include an alternate head for your guy with an upcoming figure?
- Terry has mentioned due to fan requests he is working on an illustration of Cy-Chop in his pre transformation mode. No word at this time on a figure based on this.


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